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Our Team

Joy Wood, Administrator

Joy Wood

Joy has been with the facility since 1975. She is a mother of 3 and her hobbies include boating and traveling. Joy began as a Nurse Aide at the age of 14. Through education and hard work, she has advanced to the level of Administrator and has been the Administrator of the facility for the past 9 years, managing the day to day operations.

Cynthia Hathaway, Director of Nursing

Cynthia Hathaway

Cynthia has been with the facility since 1994 and is a mother of three. Cynthia oversees the nursing department staff and is responsible for implementing State and Federal guidelines for the nursing department, is responsible for coordinating staffing and directing overall resident care. Cynthia is the chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee and is a member of the Interdisciplinary Care Plan Team.

Heather Hahn, Assistant Director of Nursing

Cynthia Hathaway

Heather has been with the facility since 2000. She is a mother of two. Heather began her career as a receptionist and housekeeper, but soon knew that her future was in nursing. After graduating from Delhi, Heather became RN, Unit Manager and later Director of Resident Care. In March 2011, she became the Assistant Director of Nursing. She works closely with the Director of Nursing, providing direction to the nursing staff and is a member of the Interdisciplinary Care Plan Team.

Ellen Bush, Admissions/Marketing Coordinator

Ellen Bush

Ellen has been with the facility since 1972. She started at the facility in 1972 as a nurse aide, advanced to Special Services Coordinator, Computer Data Coordinator and currently is the Admissions/Marketing Coordinator. Ellen is in charge of the admissions process, working closely with families and welcoming new residents to the facility. Ellen also gives facility tours to individuals and families that are interested in learning more about the facility.

Brianne Rivenburgh, Director of Activities

Brianne Rivenburgh

Brianne is our newest team member. After working as a mentor for the intellectually disabled, Brianne decided that her future was in occupational therapy. She graduated from SUNY Orange's OTA program in 2013. She then earned her certification from the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, and her license with the New York State Board of Education. Brianne soon began practicing as a COTA in pediatrics, working with children with intellectual and physical disabilities. In August of 2014, Brianne joined our team as the Director of Activities and COTA. She organizes the activities department and designs each program to encourage socialization and to provide entertainment and leisure fulfillment for our residents. Brianne assures that every activity is appropriately implemented and modified to meet the needs of each individual.

Grace Bartolillo, Dietitian

Grace Bartilillo

Grace has been with the facility since 2004. Grace ensures that each resident receives a balanced diet while honoring their personal preferences. She monitors nutritional status and develops a plan of care to meet each residents special dietary needs. Grace is also a part of the Interdisciplinary Care Plan Team.

Deborah Gayron, Director of Adult Day Health Care Program

Deborah Gayron

Debbie has been with the facility since 1997. She started her nursing career in 1990 with ER experience as well as Geriatrics and Long Term Care. Debbie manages and oversees the health and welfare of the participants in the facility’s Adult Day Health Care Program. Her program goal is to help retain the individuals independence so that they can remain a part of the community.

Alan Kiss, Social Worker

Alan Kiss

Alan has been with the facility since 1986. He is a father of 2 and loves golf. Alan meets with residents and families to assist with social and emotional concerns after the admission process. Alan coordinates Discharge Planning, is part of the Interdisciplinary Care Plan Team and is the advisor of Resident Council. Alan also conducts family association meetings, serves on the Quality Assurance committee, conducts resident discussion groups and serves as the residents advocate.